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Stacy Conlon


Hi! I’m so glad you stopped by.

I’m a mindfulness facilitator, energy healer, breast cancer survivor, and future author. 

I am passionate about and dedicated to guiding others toward optimal wellbeing.

Currently, I specialize in Reiki Energy Healing. I offer both remote sessions and in-person sessions at my home in Marin County, CA. 

With over two decades of experience in mindfulness, meditation, and evidence-based holistic healing modalities, I’ve had the privilege of guiding over 50,000 individuals in reducing their stress in less than 10 minutes.

Certifications include Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, and Spirit-Led Practitioner™. Each has profoundly influenced my approach to personal growth and healing.

In 2022, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, which led me to deepen my healing journey. I’m so grateful to report that I’m now cancer-free! And while that experience wasn’t easy, there are ways I discovered to make it easier. I achieved this using an integrative approach, combining Western and complementary medicine modalities.

This massive life event inspired my upcoming book Breast Cancer Made Easier: A Holistic Approach to Navigating and Transcending Your Diagnosis. Sign up here to receive updates on the book’s progress.

To support those impacted by cancer, I’ve created valuable free resources, including a “Breast Cancer Tip Sheet and Resource Guide,” which offers insights that will be included in my book, and “Survive + Thrive: Deep Healing for Those Impacted by Cancer,” a monthly, in-person gathering in Marin that provides guided meditation and Reiki healing alongside crystal sound bowls.

Prior to focusing on healing, I facilitated mindfulness training and keynote talks for global companies like Disney and Cisco. My work has been featured in Thrive Global, Parade, and Spirituality + Health Magazines. I’ve also produced video series on Grokker for employees that have over 63,000 views combined.

In addition to mindfulness-based work, I have 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. Most recently, I’ve served clients in the innovation space, including Microsoft, Mastercard, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

I’m committed to empowering individuals on their healing journeys and would be honored to support you on yours.

What Others Say

My Mission​

To help you feel more calm in less time.

My Vision

To see a world where people radiate health and happiness from the inside out.

My Vibe​

I believe self-care is the secret to success. When we can give ourselves permission to fill our own cups first before tending to others, that’s when the magic happens.

My Promise

I’m committed to creating a compassionate and nourishing space so you can maximize your healing potential.

My Core Values

I work with clarity, authenticity, compassion, intention, and impact.

My Why

We all deserve to shine. When we show up as our most radiant selves, we inspire the world to be a brighter place.​


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