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This guided meditation helps boost your energy, create more focus and feel more ease in your life.

GEMS stands for Ground, Expand, Merge, Stillness.

GROUND: Grounding is an activity that transfers energy from the earth back into the body. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. With our intention, we are able to ground into the earth like a tree, and allow our roots to draw earth energy back into our bodies to rejuvenate and revitalize ourselves. Research shows this activity leaves a positive impact on our body.

EXPAND: Once you’re grounded, you imagine light coming from the center of your heart, like a candle flame. This is your essence, your inner radiance that cannot be destroyed or diminished in any way. Imagining this light expanding outwards 360 degrees, pushing out any negative energy in your space, feeling protected and safe.

MERGE: Merge with warm golden sunlight as it pours down on you from above, washing away anything that isn’t serving you, such as negative energy or pain in your body, releasing it through your feet and back into the Earth. This connects and aligns you with something greater than yourself, whatever you choose to call it – Spirit, God, Creator, All that is.

STILLNESS: This is the resting, the marinating in the stillness that you created and receive the benefits from your practice.

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