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Light up your life!

Meditation Made Easy

A FREE virtual masterclass for busy people.

Learn the secret formula I’ve mastered to boost your energy, create more focus in your life, and reduce your daily stress.

Press reboot on a brighter you.


Mindfulness is a skill. An attitude. A way of being in the world.

Mindfulness + Meditation for the Workplace

Discover powerful ways your team can tap into a wellspring of calm and focus.

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Light up your life.


Meditation transformed my life 15 years ago. Since then, I have helped over 30,000 people find relief from stress and anxiety. My mission is inspire you to tap into your essence and reignite your light.

Take my virtual hand. Let’s do this together!

With gratitude, love and light,

Stacy Conlon

Stacy Conlon - Weekly drop-in group meditation class


of American workers suffer from work-related stress.

American Institute of Stress


of employees report the COVID-19 pandemic is the most stressful time in their careers.

Ginger Health Provider


of waking hours are spent thinking about what isn't happening.



Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Boost energy, focus and productivity

Improve sleep

Support the immune system

Enhance communication and relationships

Lower blood pressure


The Benefits of Mindfulness

Since the year 2000, we’ve seen extraordinary growth in mindfulness and meditation research. It scientifically validates hundreds of health benefits.

The Definition Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an ability. An attitude. A way of being in the world.

It’s a skill anyone can learn. It’s available anytime. Anywhere.

When you are mindful you are fully present to the moment. Without judgement. You’re not worrying about the future or perseverating about the past. You are fully aware of what’s happening here and now. You notice and accept what’s happening inside you and around you. You’re not trying to change or control anything.

You’re simply here. Now.

The Meaning Of Meditation

Meditation is a mindfulness tool. It helps you tap into non-judgmental, present moment awareness of mindfulness. It helps transform you into a receptive, relaxing state.

There are dozens of ways to meditate. Some examples include guided meditation, silent meditation, body scan meditation, loving-kindness meditation, metta meditation, movement meditation, mantra meditation and transcendental meditation. And there is no right or wrong way to do it.

How Mindfulness Works

Mindfulness is like a workout for your brain.

Remember back in school when you learned a new language or played a new sport? In the beginning, practice is rough and requires mountains of patience and concentration. However, over time and with practice, it becomes effortless.

Neuroscience confirms this happens because new neural pathway connections are built in your brain. Like a muscle, the more you exercise these neural pathways, the stronger the connections become. This means your brain can literally transform through experience.

Mindfulness doesn’t prevent conflict or thorny issues from arising. And when inevitable hardships bubble up, mindfulness helps you develop the inner strength and resilience to navigate the choppy seas with more ease, comfort, and grace.

Where Mindfulness Came From.

Mindfulness has its origin in ancient Buddhist meditation practices from 2,500 years ago. Today it’s increasingly taught in a secular form.

The founder of modern-day mindfulness is Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. He has been practicing mindfulness for almost 50 years. He brought mindfulness to the United States in the 1970s and founded the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Studies On Mindfulness

Since the year 2000, we’ve seen extraordinary growth in mindfulness and meditation research. It scientifically validates hundreds of health benefits, including:

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Customized slideshow presentation


Unique guided meditation experience​


Group discussion and Q+A​


Reflection worksheets and exercises


Workshops | Keynotes | Guided Meditations

Discover quick and simple ways you and your team can tap into an oasis of calm and productivity.


The Diamond Membership | Guided Meditations

Create more peace and joy in your life. Uncover quick and powerful ways to level up your self-care.

About Me

Years ago, I hit rock bottom.

The culprit? Workplace stress. (You can find out what happened here.) 

Meditation saved my life. Over time, I unlocked the secrets to alleviate stress, eliminate burnout and achieve sustainable success. These are the same proven tools and strategies I teach today.

I am here to change the way we work.

With over 15 years of mindfulness and meditation practice, and over 20 years of experience in the sales and marketing industries, I provide specially formulated guided meditation experiences and mindfulness-based education for individuals and organizations around the world.

My approach is unique because it includes education and practical application, as well as a supportive environment to help make mindfulness a habit.

Through intensive training and helping over 30,000 professionals find relief from stress and anxiety, I have now developed the blueprint to free your life.

More About

who I am what I do

As far as credentials go, I’m a certified mindfulness meditation facilitator with the Calm Monkey. I’m also a Spirit Led™Practitioner and a Wellness Inventory Coach. Most recently, I completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training with the Mindful Leader.
Over the years, I’ve been a keynote speaker at several large conferences and events. One of my favorite moments was leading over 1,500 people in a guided meditation at an innovation conference. Pure magic!
I also have a couple of meditation programs on Grokker, a video wellbeing platform that supports a happier, healthier workforce. These programs have over 35,000 views from individuals at companies including Disney, CVS, GE and Pfizer.

Additionally, I’ve written for and been featured in Thrive Global, Spirituality & Health and American Spa magazines, among other wellness publications.

You can read about what others say about my work.
When I’m not working, one of my favorite things to do is spend time outdoors, hiking among the redwoods in Northern California with my husband, Hendrik and my dog, Ruby.

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Recharge + Renew


This is your midday, midweek moment to reset, re-energize and reclaim your week.
Press reboot on a brighter you.

Your first class is always free.


The Diamond


When you develop a consistent meditation practice, it has the power to change your life. In this brand new program, you will have on-demand access to quick and powerful ways relieve your stress and anxiety. You’ll also have exclusive access to a safe and sacred online space so you have the connection and support you need to thrive.



With this short, simple (and free!) guided meditation.

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Recharge + Renew

A weekly drop-in meditation for working people.

This is your midday workday moment to reset, re-energize, and reclaim your week.

Press reboot on a brighter you.
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This isn’t just another thing to do on your to-do list.
This isn’t just another zoom meeting.
This masterclass is a chance to ignite a brighter
and more brilliant boss you.
Take my virtual hand. Let’s do this together!

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