How to Hire Aligned Employees

As an entrepreneur, I am consistently asking myself “What is the highest and best use of my time right now?” Unfortunately, updating my own blog or hiring help wasn’t the answer at the time because my workload was piling up to the point of near paralysis.

I knew for about 6 weeks that I needed to hire a marketing coordinator/assistant. There was this feeling of clarity, like I knew the right person was out there just waiting for me, and I was waiting for her. In fact, during busy times I visualized this new support person, complete with a sense of her energy and qualities I knew I needed. But of course, setting aside time to even write a job description let alone go through the interviewing process felt like another laborious and daunting task. But client deadlines were looming and one day I woke up and instinctually knew it was the day to find help — like NOW.

A couple of hours of researching and writing led me to write and post a job description. Very quickly, I found the ideal fit for the position. So, how do you write a job description the zen way?

1. Determine values.

Sharing common values with a new hire is a crucial component to your team’s success. Write down your personal and company values and make sure you communicate them clearly in the job posting.

2. Determine needs vs. wants.

In many cases, the ideal candidate would have every attribute you are looking for. But chances are this isn’t the case. Therefore, explore within what attributes and experience in a potential candidate are absolute needs and what qualities are more”bonus” material. Your needs list will be shorter than your wants list, and in this way you can cut out a large portion of applicants based on your needs.

3. Be transparent.

Let potential candidates know exactly what you are looking for so you attract the right people to your job opening. By being open and authentic, you will attract quality candidates who resonate with a similar message to yours.

4. Explain your management style, company culture and career direction.

Let’s face it — your new employee is interviewing you as much as you are interviewing him or her. So, be clear about the day-to-day experience and where it may or will eventually lead. Also, explain your management style as your particular way will click with certain people.

5. Include clear application directions with consequences.

If a potential candidate can’t follow clear directions completely in an application, do you think he or she will be detail-oriented in your business? Probably not. If a candidate did not follow my instructions exactly I didn’t take a single moment to look further. This sounds harsh, however being detail-oriented and following through are critical success factors in any business.

By thinking outside of the box and being authentic in writing your job post, your chances of hiring the right person are much higher. And, you will save an incredible amount of time to boot. And now, life with my new hire is fantastic! I am happier, calmer, more grounded…and have time to write this blog post.


With this short, simple (and free!) guided meditation.