Rise + Thrive

Jumpstart Your Health Transformation (mind+body+soul) in just 5 short days.

Rise + Thrive

Jumpstart your health transformation (mind+body+soul) in just 5 short days.

A new year, a new you!

Join us for this FREE 5-day challenge where we’re sharing our PROVEN system to take back control of your health in as little as 15 minutes a day.

During this challenge, you’ll receive a simple step-by-step formula to master your morning ritual so you can lose weight, boost energy, relieve stress, and finally create the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted (without stressing over time-consuming plans or depriving fad diets).

We've designed this to be SIMPLE and FUN so you can fit it in to your busy schedule and still see AWESOME results!

Challenge begins Monday, January 3, 2022!


Are you ready to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle transformation?

Here's what you get when you join FOR FREE:

This challenge is for you if:

You're burned out

You know you need to get your health on track but even thinking about the uphill battle makes you exhausted. You're ready for a plan that's simple to follow and doesn't take up all your time.

You're a workaholic

You're successful at work but come home wondering if all this work is even worth it. Your relationships have suffered and you're ready to make a lifestyle shift to get back to what matters most in life.

You're a people-pleaser

You feel guilty taking time for yourself. You're so busy doing everything for everyone else that you never put yourself first and now you're ready to ditch that unhealthy cycle for good.


“I have tried meditation before and I did not enjoy it completely. This time it has been an amazing experience. Thank you Stacy, your magic worked on me and I feel so good! I can't wait to continue!”
- Victoria C.
"We always think of change as hard and so much work but Tiffany really made the journey fun and exciting. I loved the ideas she came up with and found them to be incredibly helpful and life changing. I feel more authentically myself and in a much happier place than when I started working with her."
- Toni V.
“What a wonderful experience working with Stacy. She took me back to a time where I was totally happy and healthy. I have a smile on my face. It's nice to take this feeling with me as I begin my day!”
- Robyn H.
“Throughout the program Tiffany guided me to make small changes for big results. In our time together I was able to commit to a fitness program and create a habit out of it (losing 3 inches overall and feeling taller in the world), implement a healthy and relaxing morning routine, and commit to a project that I've been sitting on for ages."
- Nova J.



Stacy is a certified mindfulness meditation facilitator and wellness coach with over 15 years of experience. When she was 27 years old, she burned out from stress at work. Mindfulness practices literally saved her life. Now, she provides personalized guided meditations, group and 1:1 coaching, as well as corporate mindfulness workshops. Stacy has helped over 30,000 people relieve their stress and anxiety through her 5-10 minute guided meditations. She also has two online video guided meditation programs on Grokker with over 49,000 views from individuals at companies including Disney, CVS, General Electric and Pfizer. She has also written for and been featured in publications including Thrive Global and Parade Magazine


Tiffany is a certified health coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is on a mission to empower individuals to discover and embody their unique version of optimal health, allowing them to thrive and reach their greatest potential. Tiffany’s approach to health coaching is holistic, actionable and individualized. She motivates her clients to take small positive daily steps because she believes that small steps lead to powerful transformation. Tiffany uses her personal wellness journey, her experience as a health coach and her education to help her clients establish supportive habits in 10 lifestyle pillars: nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, stress management, self-care, connection, nature, mindset and purpose.

I'm SO ready to transform my body and health for good!