The 12 Dimensions of Wellness

“Energy cannot be created or transformed; it can only be changed from one form to another .” ~ Albert Einstein

We are energy transformers. All of our life processes, including health and illness, depend on how we manage energy. Our energy inputs and outputs form a complete wellness energy system. We have three main energy inputs: Breathing, Sensing and Eating. The other nine are energy outputs.

About Each Dimension of Wellness

  1. Self Responsibility and Love are primary expressions of life energy. Together, they form the foundations of wellness, and encourage the free flow of all other types of energy. If either principle is weakened, living harmoniously becomes more difficult. When both are strong, energy dances back and forth and the crossing is easy.

  2. Breathing is a primary energy input and plays a key role in promoting relaxation, centering the mind, calming emotions and increasing vitality.

  3. Sensing is also an energy input, and enables us to effectively navigate our environment through the experience of light, heat, touch, sound, odor, taste and movement.

  4. Eating fresh, whole foods in moderation is a primary means of nourishing ourselves and providing energy to support optimal living.

  5. Moving is a basic expression of our life energy. Maintaining a balance of movement and rest is essential to our health and wellbeing.

  6. Feeling and expressing emotions like fear, sadness, anger and joy serves to motivate both thought and action and acts as an internal guidance system.

  7. Thinking can be our best friend or greatest enemy. Being mindful of our thinking enables us to make positive choices for personal wellbeing.

  8. Working and Playing, in balance, supports our personal health and wellbeing and gives us the energy live optimally and perform at a high level.

  9. Communicating allows us to share our internal reality of thoughts and feelings with others, allowing us to convey our wants and needs.

  10. Intimacy is a major component in our health and happiness. The foundation of intimacy is trust, whether it’s a friend, relative or love interest.

  11. Finding Meaning involves asking ourselves basic questions, such as Who am I? andWhy am I here? Exploring these questions encourages a balanced and fulfilling life.

  12. Transcending is the experience of “being in the flow,” of being fully awake and engaged in the present moment, connecting us to a deeper reality.



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