What to Eat to Maintain a Healthy pH Balance

Lately I’ve found how important it is for the body to maintain a healthy pH balance in the bloodstream. When your body’s pH is balanced, you literally increase your health, energy and vitality. I found this handy chart from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts via my friend Maya Paul, Wellness and Nutrition Coach.

The best fuel for your body is a custom mix of foods, with more alkaline than acid. Our body ends up storing the acidic waste it can’t get rid of and eventually the build up can be so great that cells deteriorate, energy depletes and leaves the body prone to disease.

The choices you make in what you eat will determine how much of this acidic waste gets stored in your body. The more alkaline your food choices are the less of this waste will be accumulated in your body, tipping the balance in the favor of good health.

The old adage “you are what you eat” is absolutely true. By limiting your intake of acidic foods and increasing your intake of alkaline food you will increase your stamina, endurance and the overall performance of your body.


With this short, simple (and free!) guided meditation.